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Work Directly with a Former Harvard Interviewer

Many parents are choosing to work with college counselors who can provide students with personal attention and care. We work with students from 8th to 12th grade from around the country via telephone, email, and in-person meetings. The earlier you start preparing for college admissions, the better. We give you a checklist of important deadlines and guide you through the college admissions process systematically and professionally.

The earlier you start working with us, the better. We give you a checklist of important deadlines and action items for college applications. Throughout the year, we check in with you on a regular basis via phone calls, emails, and meetings to make sure you’re on track. Rest assured that we will guide you through the college application process systematically and be there for you at every step of the way. Every day we analyze college applications and trends in higher education. Parents can rest assured knowing that all parts of the college application process are being guided by a professional and will be completed in a timely manner. No more stressful discussions at the dinner table about college!

College Profiling

Students go through a guided process where they learn to identify their personal strengths and the most important features that they want in a college. We consider the list of preliminary schools, as well as suggest additional schools to apply to in order to provide a wide selection of schools that would be a “good fit”. Based on the preliminary review and specific factors that the student is searching for in a college (selectivity, size, location, setting, strength of program, extracurricular activities, etc.), students learn to conduct research on each college and compile a list of 10-15 appropriate colleges. The final college list includes a good variety of safety, likely, and reach schools. We also guide students in the process of targeting a school for early action or early decision to maximize the student’s chances of admission to their top choice colleges.


College admissions officers review application essays carefully in an effort to know if the student will be a good fit at their college. Top colleges often require multiple supplemental essays and short answers with various limits on the number of words.

Students will brainstorm topics based on significant personal experiences and learn how to write college essays that stand out from the crowd. Students learn to show their personality and intellectual curiosity. They revise each essay multiple times and make sure the essays do not seem too "polished." Each essay is reviewed up to 3 times.

Essays (Unlimited)

Students who are applying to many top colleges and want feedback on all their essays should choose this option. Essays are shortened to fit word limits as needed (i.e. A 500-word essay is edited down to a 250-word essay). Each essay is reviewed up to 3 times.

Evaluating Acceptance Letters

Students learn how to evaluate their choices once they receive acceptance letters, including maximizing financial aid. If they are deferred or waitlisted at a college, they learn how to be proactive and write a letter of interest to the admissions committee

Extracurricular Activities

We assist students in selecting challenging and rewarding extracurricular activities to participate in. Students are encouraged to take leadership roles and participate in meaningful activities. We use a model based on multiple intelligences to understand a student’s strengths, help them discover their passion and do what they love.

High School Class Selection

We review the classes offered at the student's high school and suggest the most relevant and challenging courses in line with the student’s goals.

Interview Preparation

Students participate in three mock interviews and learn how to answer specific questions (without sounding too shy or too bold). They also learn what questions to ask the interviewers to demonstrate their interest in the college and how to make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Recommendation Letters

Students learn how to obtain effective recommendation letters from high school teachers who taught them in junior or senior year. Parents learn how to communicate with guidance counselors for more effective letters of recommendation. Students learn how to obtain an additional letter of recommendation from mentors, coaches, or advisors who can enhance the student’s college application.


The student creates an activity sheet in chart format that includes a description of activities, years of involvement, hours per week, weeks per year, position held and honors earned. We assist the student in creating a strong activity sheet that shows commitment and perseverance in their activities, as well a special talents and genius. Students learn how to write in the active tense and use appropriate words to describe their extracurricular activities, summer experiences, work experiences, honors, and awards.

Standardized Test Plans

Students create a strategic plan for future standardized tests. They learn which tests to take, test taking strategies, and how to use superscoring and score choice in their favor. We provide guidance on SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, AP, and IB tests. Students who wish to take advantage of our one-on-one tutoring for standardized tests will learn about tutors who can work with them to help boost their scores.

Study Skills

We recommend study skills (based on the latest brain-based research), memory enhancing techniques, and mind-mapping skills that can give students an edge in academics.

Summer Activities

We guide students in finding rewarding summer activities, jobs, internships, and community service experiences that are looked upon favorably by colleges. Summer activities that help strengthen a student's application will be different for each student. For one student, an 8-week community service trip in a rural area will be an important life transforming event. For another student, working at a local business will demonstrate a strong work ethic. We also offer feedback on essays required for summer program applications.

Supplemental Material

Students with special talents (musicians, athletes, dancers, actors, writers, artists, and photographers) learn to compile a detailed activity sheet listing their specific participation in these areas. Students put together a CD, DVD, or a portfolio. Students also learn how to write letters to faculty members who can review and recommend them to the college admissions committee.


We have a network of tutors available for personalized tutoring. Tutors provide one-on-one tutoring for SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests and AP Tests. Tutors also work with students who need help in high school classes, helping them prepare for exams and write papers that are academically rigorous, creative, and beyond teacher expectations. All tutors have passed background checks, have extensive experience in working with high school students and come highly recommended.

Secrets of Success

Students engage in personal reflection and outline their values and goals in life. They learn time-honored secrets of success and personal achievement and how to implement these principles in their daily lives.

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