World-Class Tutoring

World-Class Tutoring

Our network of world-class tutors is available for one-on-one tutoring for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP Tests. Tutors also work with students who need help in high school classes, helping them prepare for exams and write papers that are academically rigorous, creative, and beyond teacher expectations.

Our tutors are world-class. One of our tutors has professional experience grading the writing section of the official ACT and SAT exams. Another tutor has won awards for tutoring and designed classes for The Princeton Review and Kaplan.

Our tutors work via email, phone, and skype, so you’ll receive expert tutoring from anywhere in the world.


Tutoring Is Worth the Cost

“Colleges report either that they use a cut-off test score in the admission process or that a small increase in test score could have a significant impact on an applicant’s chances of being admitted...As it has been found that even small test score increases may increase a student’s chances of admission at selective institutions…commercial coaching or private tutoring may well be worth the cost.”

- Derek Briggs, National Association for College Admission Counseling Discussion Paper

Beyond Perfect Test Scores

“Indeed, last year 74% of the students who applied with SAT scores of over 2300 [out of 2400] were not admitted.”

-Princeton University Director of Admissions

5 stars

Arjun B.A./M.D. Washington & Jefferson:

“I just got my results for my second ACT and I got a 35!! I got a 34 in English, 34 in math, 36 in reading and a 35 in science! Thank you so much for all your help, I couldn't have done this without you!”

[ACT score increased from 33 to 35 after tutoring.]

Arjun also won several scholarships, including a $43,000/year and $30,000/year scholarship.]

Jasmine B.A. Harvard University:

"I gained confidence in myself and learned how much I can achieve with hard work. Thank you for believing in me!"

[ACT score increased from 28 to 33 after tutoring]

Harry B.A. Benedictine University:

“I really liked how we focused on the parts where I am struggling. The one to one tutoring we did was really good because it gave me a better understanding of where I stand, which doesn't really happen in a group. Instead of reading a whole lesson in the ACT book you pointed put key points that I had to know which helped me memorize the material better.”

[ACT score increased from 22 to 28 after tutoring]