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Success Stories

Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, Washington, Northwestern, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of California Berkeley, UCLA, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Carleton, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Proud Father, Stanford University Student:

"As a parent, if you are EVER going to invest in anything, THIS IS IT. Your child's future! I said to myself, I have to trust somebody and today that person was Sonia. Sonia did not let me nor my daughter down! I put my full faith in Sonia to handle everything as she promised. I was able to then stand by and watch continuous uninterrupted progress being made with my daughter on her college application. The result was an honest, accurate and ethical college application that was superbly polished by my daughter with Sonia's careful guidance. Sonia was like quality control for a college application, as Sonia made sure it was concise, correct and without any of the common pitfalls and mistakes a rookie (non-professional parental help only) application might have. Sonia's advice was frankly priceless! The Holy Grail! The result was like winning the Masters, The Powerball, The Daytona 500, the Monaco F1 GP, The Superbowl, the World Series, The America's Cup and a Nobel Peace Prize on the same day!"

Jasmine, B.A. Harvard University:

"I gained confidence in myself and learned how much I can achieve with hard work. Thank you for believing in me!" [ACT score increased from 28 to 33 after tutoring]

John, B.A. Brown University:

“Thank you so much for all of the help and time you gave for my college application process. I know we got acquainted a little later than is normal with your other students, and I definitely pushed deadlines to the limit, but I really believe that you brought out my best work, and I am proud of every application I submitted. I'm certainly happy with the results!”

Priya, B.A. Stanford University:

"My first quarter here was amazing! It can get overwhelming at times because all the classes, clubs, and events seem so interesting, so it is very easy to overcommit, but I think that’s a pretty good problem to have! On a whim, I joined the Stanford Jump Rope Team and learned that jump roping is a national sport. This quarter, I am taking a class called the Life and Death of Words which studies how words come into being, why they eventually "die", why we have more derogatory words for women than men, and what pieces of the English language are adopted from Native American languages. Last quarter, I took a course called Stories Everywhere which was taught by a Pulitzer Prize winner (which was both really cool and intimidating), where we studied the structure of a narrative and got to meet with various authors to learn about their writing processes. I think my favorite part about being here is the diversity and abundance of intellectual thought and conversation amongst the student body. For this upcoming quarter, I am shifting my focus from adjusting to life at Stanford to finding an internship for the summer!"

Daniel, B.A. Johns Hopkins:

"I did in fact get into Johns Hopkins on the early decision plan, so I am done! I can't thank you enough for all your help with this process; I know I would not be in this position without you. It has been a pleasure working with you."

Mahesh, B.A. Washington University, St. Louis:

"I was accepted into WashU with early decision!! I wanted to thank you for the incredible help you provided in my organization, essay writing, and college process overall. It was great working with you, and thanks again for helping me out with applying to colleges."

Proud Mother, Washington University, St. Louis Student:

"Hi Sonia, Wang has been admitted to WUSTL! We all are sooooooo happy!!! Thank you very much for all your help! Your guidance has made the process much easier! Happy Holidays! By the way, you are the first one we shared this good news! Thanks again!"

Proud Mother, Northwestern University Student:

“My daughter truly appreciates Sonia and we’ve been so thankful for her valuable help and advice during the college application process. Sonia is diligent and responsible, very organized and down to the details, and to kids, she is a patient and encouraging nice lady. Through weekly meetings with Sonia, my daughter stayed on track for the process especially with college essays and resumes, and finished tasks well on time. At last, with Sonia’s assistance my girl got acceptance from her first choice school! We highly recommend her to you if you are looking for an expertise helping to ease your way towards your or your kid’s dream school.”

Sarah, B.A. University of Pennsylvania:

"Sonia has been working with me step-by-step on my PhD application, helping me stay focused, and making sure I am moving forward at all times.” ​

Harsh Sharma, B.A. Benedictine University:

“I really liked how we focused on the parts where I am struggling. You took notes on what I did as homework and what I didn't, this showed that you cared about this tutoring. The one to one tutoring we did was really good because it gave me a better understanding of where I stand, which doesn't really happen in a group. Instead of reading a whole lesson in the ACT book you pointed put key points that I had to know which helped me memorize the material better.” [ACT score increased from 22 to 28 after tutoring]

Proud Mother, University of Iowa Student:

“We are so glad we retained Sonia and Ivy League Potential to help our high school senior through the college search and application process. Ivy League's services are not just for students in "the 1%". Sonia helped our son identify his "safety schools," "sure-things," and "reaches", and then kept him on track while applying to those schools. Her guidance through the process and assistance with the applications themselves was invaluable. We were elated when our son was ultimately accepted to his number one choice -- a "reach" school! He wouldn't have accomplished this without help from Ivy League.”

Medical School Student:

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted and will be attending medical school in August. I want to thank you for all the help you gave me with my essays. It was definitely one of the things that helped me get admitted! Thank you again!"