Recommendation Letters


Most top colleges require a letter of recommendation from the student’s guidance counselor, as well as two academic teachers from junior or senior year. There is a growing trend at high schools where students are asked to fill out questionnaires in order to obtain recommendation letters. Even if this is not the case at a certain school, students can influence letters of recommendation by asking teachers to focus on specific areas they want to highlight in their application. Parents learn how to obtain a stronger letter of recommendation from the guidance counselor. Students also learn how to obtain an additional letter of recommendation from a mentor, coach, or advisor who can discuss the student’s strengths outside of school.

Online Class Material: 

"How to Get Stellar Recommendation Letters" Video, Sample Letter to Request a Recommendation Letter from a Guidance Counselor, Sample Answers to a Teacher Questionnaire, Sample Letter to Request a Letter from a Teacher

Personal College Counseling: 

Students submit their requests for recommendation letters for feedback from a professional college counselor.