Increase Your Test Scores through Tutoring

“Colleges report either that they use a cut-off test score in the admission process or that a small increase in test score could have a significant impact on an applicant’s chances of being admitted…As it has been found that even small test score increases may increase a student’s chances of admission at selective institutions, if money and time are no object, commercial coaching or private tutoring may well be worth the cost.” -Derek Briggs, 2009 National Association for College Admission Counseling Discussion Paper

Standardized tests are used to compare students on an even basis, since each high school teacher grades according to different standards. What is your plan for taking standardized tests? Will you take the SAT or ACT or both? How can you use score choice and superscoring in your favor? How many SAT Subject tests do Ivy League universities require? What’s the best way to increase your vocabulary?

When we work with students, we do a comprehensive analysis of the student’s academic profile and create a custom standardized test plan. The plan includes focused tutoring on areas where they can improve their scores. We recommend that high school students use the summer to intensively prepare for standardized tests with the help of our tutors, who provide one-on-one intensive tutoring.