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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a college coach?

The process of college admissions has grown increasingly complex and competitive in recent years. Applications are at an all time high. Parents and students are nervous and do not know where to get help. Often, a college admissions committee will look at a student's application for only 15 minutes before making a decision on the application. If the student doesn't stand out from the crowd in those 15 minutes, their chances of admission decline significantly.

Most guidance counselors in high schools have hundreds of students to work with, so they do not have enough time to spend with individual students and help them stand out from the crowd. You can also save time and avoid unnecessary campus visits, testing fees, and applications by working with a college coach. When considering the total cost of a 4-year college education (up to $200,000+) the cost of hiring a college coach is justified as a good return on investment. A small investment now can deliver a long lasting return from a successful college career. When students work with us, they know they are getting expert guidance on the whole college application process.

How many students use college coaches when applying to college?

A 2009 study published by the National Research Center for College and University Admissions revealed that "26% of high-achieving seniors used independent college consultants to support their college search and admissions process."

What top colleges have you helped students gain admission into?

We have helped students gain admission to prestigious Ivy League universities and top tier schools such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Washington University, University of California-Berkeley, UCLA, Claremont McKenna College, and Carleton. The earlier we start working with students, the greater the chance that they will be able to gain admission to a top college. We have years of experience and an unparalleled range of support available to students who are willing to work hard and achieve their goals.

Do you work with students who do not want to apply to a highly competitive university?

Yes. We work with students who are applying to any college--from small to large colleges, liberal arts to technical schools. We have helped students get into colleges such as University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan, Purdue, Indiana University, University of Iowa, Texas Christian University, Macalaster, and American University. There are many excellent colleges that are not "name brand" or Ivy League universities. The most important thing is that students have many choices and that they find a college that is a good match for them.

How do you make the college application process less stressful?

A massive amount of information on all aspects of the college process is available online, so it is difficult to figure out what is relevant. We clear out the information clutter, provide specific recommendations and prioritize things. We provide more than 14 personalized services tailored for each student. This saves time and money for students and parents. We also teach students mindfulness, which helps reduce the stress and anxiety that are natural to the college application process.

What makes you different from other college coaches?

Sonia has served on the committee that interviews applicants to Harvard University. She is also an alumna of Harvard and was trained in college admissions by Ivy League admissions deans, so she has a very good idea about what type of student Ivy League universities are looking for. Additionally, Sonia brings a holistic approach to the college process, using her background in multiple intelligences and mindfulness.

Why do your students LOVE working with you?

We bring a holistic perspective on human development and help students see themselves as whole beings--body, mind, and soul. This vision of the human being helps students make decisions based on multiple perspectives and makes the college application process more enjoyable and meaningful. Sonia sees herself as a mentor who guides students in making one of their first important life choices, applying to college.

What is a good college match?

There is no one "perfect" school for anyone. Rather, there are many good options that coincide with a specific student's profile. A good college match is identified by understanding and matching what the student wants to what the college has to offer.

When should a student start working with you?

Each student is ready to start college planning at a different time. Students who are serious about college admissions start working with us as early as 8th grade. Most students start working with us in their junior or senior year of high school. Younger students receive get a jump start in SAT/ACT preparation, as well as choosing extracurricular activities (such as long-term research projects and internships) that can give them an edge in college admissions.

Can you provide references?

Yes. Please see our success page for testimonials from our students and their parents. We can also provide references upon request.