College admissions officers review application essays carefully in an effort to know if the student will be a good fit at their college. Top colleges often require multiple supplemental essays with various word limits. Since many high achieving students apply to a dozen or more universities, writing and recycling so many essays is a daunting task.

Students learn how to brainstorm essay topics based on significant personal experiences and overcome writer’s block. They also learn how to find successful college essays for inspiration so their creative juices flow easily. 

Integrity in essay writing is key to the college admissions process. Students work hard, develop original ideas, and revise their essays up to three times before a final proofreading is done. The more time students spend on writing thoughtful college essays, the more they will stand out from the crowd. 

In addition to learning a new writing style required for college essays, students learn the art of recycling essays. If students don’t feel comfortable recycling essays on their own, we can provide proofreading services to review their recycled essays.

Note: An essay is defined as any piece of writing with 100 or more words.

Online Class Material: 

"How to Write Winning College Essays" Video, 3 Supplemental Videos, 3 Podcasts with College Admissions Experts, Essay Strategy Form

Personal College Counseling: 

Students submit their essay drafts for feedback from a professional college counselor and revise each essay multiple times, making sure the essays do not seem too “polished”.