Colleges Value Kindness

Admissions officers are trying to make the college admissions process more humane, and students who show kindness may finally be getting positive attention from admissions officers!

The overachievement trend seems to be reversing now, according to a report from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

What does that mean in practical terms, when students are looking for community service opportunities? I see a lot of students working at a food bank or homeless shelter and feeling that is sufficient for community service. That’s a start, of course. But there are many more creative ways to offer your skills and talents to help others.

About a year ago, I encouraged one of my students to put her love for music into action. She took the initiative to organize a fundraising concert with her fellow music school students and raised $11,000 for UNICEF! She was so inspired by her first concert, that she has continued to organize a fundraising concert each year since and felt her passion for helping children come alive in a beautiful way.