College Profiling


Students learn how to identify their personal strengths and learning styles, as well as the most important features that they want in a college. Based on the preliminary review and specific factors that the student is searching for in a college (selectivity, size, location, setting, strength of program, extracurricular activities, etc.), students learn to conduct research on each college and compile a list of 10-15 appropriate colleges. The final college list includes a balance of safety, likely, and reach schools. We also guide students in the process of targeting a school for early action or early decision to maximize the student’s chances of admission to their top choice colleges.

Online Class Material: 

"Creating a College List" Video, College Profiling Tip Sheet, 1 Podcast with a College Admissions Expert

Personal College Counseling: 

Students create a final college list after discussions with a professional college counselor who is familiar with their goals and admissions strategy.