The best online high schools

Many parents and students around the country are struggling to make a decision about school this fall. Should students take a risk and go to school in-person or stay home for an online experience that is safer? 

Yesterday we spoke with one of our clients, the father of an 11th grade student. The high school was offering the choice of in-person or online classes, but the number of AP classes offered online was limited. We recommended that if he wanted to consider the online option, he could consider supplementing with classes from a virtual school, which offers many online AP classes for credit. 

We also spoke to another parent recently, a physician and mother of a 9th grade student who has already decided not to send her child to high school if they decide to open in-person and do not provide an online option.

For her and other parents concerned about safety, we recommend looking at public and private online schools. 

Click here to see a list of the best online high schools from 

There are many excellent private high schools on the list, including The Davidson Academy and Stanford Online High School.  

Whatever choice you make, remember that it’s still important to give your child the opportunity to develop their extracurricular activities and multiple intelligences. This year with the SAT and ACT becoming optional, colleges will be putting more weight on essays, resumes, recommendation letters, and interviews.

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