100 Things Teenagers Can Do!

Are your teenagers sitting at home during holiday breaks? If so, what are they doing?

Years ago, it was normal for teenagers to go outside, play games with friends, and spend time together talking.

Over the last several years, we’ve noticed a growing trend–many teenagers don’t go outside anymore or spend time with friends. They spend many hours (sometimes 7-8 hours a day) at home playing video games with friends who are sitting at home too. 

We’ve been working with some of our students over the last few weeks to change this routine. We encourage them to spend their time working on a project, volunteering, or doing something fulfilling. When we stumbled upon this article we definitely wanted to share it with you: 100 Things Teenagers Can Do Without Screens. 

What students do over breaks is important for their health, self-esteem, and college admissions!

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