A full ride scholarship!

One of our students found out recently that he was awarded a full ride scholarship worth $120,000 at Nova Southeastern University! He was also awarded a full ride scholarship at another university, as well as excellent scholarships at several other universities. He has chosen to attend Nova Southeastern, where he will be participating in their guaranteed dual admission program to earn a bachelors degree and a doctor of osteopathy degree in eight years.

This student started working with us in April 2018, and after working with one of our tutors, he raised his ACT score from 33 to 35. We believe this was one of the main reasons he received such large scholarships. It’s much more challenging to raise your ACT score when you’re already in the high range, but he spent over 20 hours working with our tutor and practicing problems on his own. He worked hard, and his efforts paid off.

Our tutors are award-winning tutors, and the tutor who helped this student is a master tutor, someone who developed course material for The Princeton Review and Kaplan. A graduate of Princeton University, he has been tutoring students for over 25 years.

Another one of our tutors has experience as an official scorer for the writing portion of the ACT, SAT, and IB exams. It doesn’t get better than that!

We’ve spent hours finding the best tutors in the country to help our students and our results speak for themselves!